2 tiPs tO oWn moTorcYcle foR tHe laZies

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

oWninG soMethiNg iS ..... buT tO taKe caRe oF tHem iS .... sO foR thE laZieS, iF yoU aRe thiNkinG oF buYinG a moToRcycLe, 2 tiPs ouT of hunDreDs;

  1. maKe suRe thE motoRcycLe's battEry iS loCated unDer thE seAt beCausE tHe laZies wiLL noT 'baRai' iT tO puT a leSS 0.5L baTTery waTer eVeryYear.
  2. mAke sUre tHere iS aN inDicatoR fOr 'miNyaK hiTam' oR 'blaCk oiL' oR 'lubriCant' (iS iT tRue) leVel, beCauSe thE laZies wiLL noT oPen tHe 'saTay' liKe pLastiC tO cHeck tHe blaCk oiL levEl eVerY monTh.


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