Various Danish//Dutch news papers have published insulting material about our beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Various Danish//Dutch news papers have published insulting material about our beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Danish/Dutch products are never seen in USA. Most of Danish/Dutch products are consumed in Muslim and particularly Arab countries. We can take following steps to stop these inhuman and immoral acts.

1. We should avoid using Danish/Dutch products and use rivals/alternatives? We should give feedback on rivals/alternative product availability/quality/price to each other, so switching from Danish/Dutch products become natural and easy.

2. We can show/approach/write online to the rivals/competitor of the Danish/Dutch firms/products about willingness of Muslim Ummah for switching to rival products to Danish/Dutch products. Every MBA and marketing Muslim graduate should spent at least 30 minutes per week online and try to give online inputs to Business/Marketing Departments of Danish/Dutch rivals firms under these circumstances.

3. IT/Computer students/graduate can arrange free web hosting services and trouble free online Jihad for this purpose.

4. Most of the people do not know which are the products produced by Danish/Dutch firms. We should prepare following list for online distribution among masses on all our Blogs, Email Groups, friends and family. These can be published on Newspapers and broadcasted on TV also.
a. List of Danish/Dutch products
b. List of Danish/Dutch Brands
c. List of Danish/Dutch Firms
d. Danish/Dutch Firms revenue Generation and Sale information if available.

5. We can show bar code identification for Danish/Dutch/Dutch made products to all masses and fiends/family. All Muslim News paper/TV channels may be approached to Publish/Broadcast such information repeatedly.

6. We can go to the various online sites of different organizations like Human Rights, UN, Embassies and Amnesty International, various news papers, TV stations, Media etc in order to lodge our grievances to various authorities, columnist, writers, TV anchors and other watch dog agencies.

7. We can distribute all articles, themes written by various scholars, writers against publication of insulting material. We should circulate especially the articles written by Non Muslims in favor of Muslim Ummah.

8. Muslim ulma and scholars should be approached and requested to write on theme of Freedom of Expression and Respect of Religions according to Western rationale/logic and historic perspective without referring to Quran/Sunnah.

9. We can also register our signature to remove the insulting articles about our beloved Prophet Mohammed (PBUH), at the following site. /2/removal-of-the-pics-of –Muhammad

10. Success stories in this regard on respect of Ummah should also be celebrated publicly and disturbed online to all. Muslim Media students/graduate/firms should give extensive coverage to every minute success in this Jihad. Moreover live talk shows should be arranged for brainstorming for making strategy for tackling Danish/Dutch devils.

We should use our freedom of expression to announce to at least 10 persons per week that we love Prophet (PBUH) more than our lives and condemn the heinous acts of Danish/Dutch Newspapers. We can circulate this around the Globe to the whole Muslim ummah to ban Danish/Dutch made products and pressure Danish/Dutch to learn how to behave in the Global community.

Bare minimum requested from you is to forward this email to as many as people possible frequently.

FM Shah
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